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Common Ground
Israel Program

Bridging divides and defeating anti-Israel hatred, together.


AVI's flagship program for college and university students builds bridges between Jewish students and their allies to eradicate anti-Jewish hatred and advocate for Israel on campuses across Canada. Ambassadors begin their Common Ground journey on a 10-day program in Israel where they will be introduced to Israel's robust diversity and hear from a diverse group of Israelis, Jewish, Christian, and Muslim alike, and many others who are fighting for peace and coexistence.​

When students return to campus after taking part in our Common Ground program to Israel, they will complete the requirements of their Common Ground Ambassadorship. 

The non-subsidized cost per student is $750 CAD (which includes a $250 refundable deposit upon completion). Undergraduate and graduate students with at least two semesters remaining on campus are encouraged to apply.

What to Expect on Common Ground:

  • Attend workshops on allyship, coalition-building on campus, and finding your Common Ground.

  • Meet with a diverse set of civilians including Israelis, Palestinians, Druze, Christians, and Ethiopian-Israelis, while learning about efforts to establish peace and coexistence in the region.

  • Visit strategic destinations such as the borders of Gaza and Lebanon that give students a better understanding of the realities on the ground and the threats facing Israeli civilians.

  • Learn about the nuances of the Arab-Israeli conflict and how the BDS movement is harmful to Israelis and Palestinians alike.

  • Discover how Israel has developed high-tech and drip irrigation systems and shares this technology with countries in need, including in Africa and the Middle East.

  • Hear from human rights educators, politicians, journalists, etc.

  • Explore the diversity of Jerusalem during a tour of the Four Quarters.

Workshops Offered in Israel:

  • Building Meaningful Alliances on Campus

  • Israeli History 101

  • Combating Anti-Jewish Hatred: A Working Example

  • Are Jews Indigenous to Israel?

  • BDS: Undermining Coexistence & Dialogue

  • Gaza 101

  • Hamas and the IRGC: Partners in Crime

  • Understanding the Nuances of Language

  • West Bank 101

  • Answering the Most Difficult Questions

Common Ground Deliverables on Campus:

  • Hosting campus events that embrace the spirit of allyship on campus and teach students about Israel as an integral part of the Jewish experience

  • Attending or participating in workshops that educate students about Zionism, the Arab-Israeli conflict, and other issues from a balanced and apolitical lens.

  • Utilizing and tabling AVI Campus Campaigns that educate students about Israel and Judaism, allyship, and coalition-building.

  • Creating social media posts or publishing op-eds in student media that advance the message of peace or counter hateful or anti-Jewish views.



Common Ground Rome

In the winter of 2023/24, AVI empowered a cohort of 18 students representing a variety of backgrounds from 10 colleges and universities across Canada to be advocates for Israel, coexistence, and peace. By visiting Rome, students were able to learn why Jews are indigenous to Israel by visiting incredible sites such as Hadrian's Temple, the Vatican, and the Arch of Titus.


As our tour guide aptly said, you could literally touch the Kotel (Western Wall), and the remnants of the Second Temple and feel the energy of Jerusalem because the Colosseum was built with stones taken from the Holy City and brought straight to Rome! We also taught nine workshops on allyship, Jewish indigeneity and Israel advocacy throughout the program.

AVI Krav Maga Program:

The AVI Krav Maga Program will be available to all Common Ground Ambassadors as well as all AVI High School, College, and University Student Ambassadors across Canada who are interested in learning this unique form of Israeli martial arts.

Krav Maga

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