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AVI High School
Ambassador Program

Inspiring the next generation of Israel advocates.


The AVI High School Ambassador Program is a detailed educational program that offers students the resources, skills, and guidance necessary to have the confidence to educate their peers about antisemitism and serve as Ambassadors for the Jewish People.


Students learn about the best practices for standing up for Israel on campus, why Jews are indigenous to Israel, Israeli history, how to combat antisemitism and all forms of prejudice on social media, and how to build meaningful alliances.

What makes the AVI High School Ambassador Program unique?

  • Ambassadors gain experience using their advocacy skills in a wide variety of ways, such as social media campaigns, writing and editing op-eds, creating events, and more.

  • Ambassadors participate in webinars where they discuss a range of topics including allyship, the BDS movement, Israeli history and politics, coalition-building, social media, campus life, media biases, etc.

  • The ambassadorship itself is flexible and self-directed, allowing students to complete their requirements in accordance with their personal schedules and with the support of the High School Advisor.

  • Students who have successfully completed the AVI High School Ambassador Program receive a discount on the Common Ground Ambassador Program.

Apply for the AVI High School Ambassador Program


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High School Program Applicaton
For more information, contact Allied Voices for Israel’s High School Advisor Gabriela Rosenblum at
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