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AVI Wartime Briefings

Educating students and community members alike


Normally, AVI’s team is focused on supporting students on campus and in schools. During this period of war and unprecedented anti-Jewish hatred, AVI is offering a series of five “emergency” workshops to take place Thursdays in November. These meetings are open to anyone in the community who would like to learn more, become a more effective advocate or needs help in fighting antisemitism.

To register, please click here.

1. How did we get here and what’s happening now? This is a fast-paced overview of the events leading up to the atrocities of October 7th, and the response in Israel and around the world since then.

2. Dialogue to Impact: Setting the record straight. A primer on effective advocacy, this session will focus on the most powerful strategies for addressing and correcting anti-Jewish hatred in real life. Our students love this workshop and tell us they feel so much more confident in speaking up after having taken it.

3. Combating anti-Jewish hatred: Identifying what is and isn’t antisemitism. So much of what we are reading and seeing online is disturbing but is it always antisemitism? This workshop provides key guidance in evaluating what is anti-Jewish hatred and how to counter the most common false claims.

4. Jewish Indigeneity. Where do Jews come from? We answer that question and discuss on what basis Jewish people are both a nation and a religion, including their indigenous roots in the land of Israel.
5. Talking with teachers and schools about antisemitism and effectively addressing inequality.
Hear from a veteran expert in the field on how to work with your child’s teachers and schools to ensure a safe space for Jewish students. Learn strategies for combating antisemitism in the classroom and in the yard as well as when, how, and to whom complaints should be filed. It’s never been more important to speak up. (RESCHEDULED TO DEC. 6, 2023)

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