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Israel Advocacy Workshops
& Educational Programs

AVI offers a variety of flagship programs as well as resources, access to high-profile speakers, and a suite of educational workshops to give students an understanding of regional conflicts in the Middle East, how to build meaningful coalitions on campus, how to refute misinformation from hateful students and professors, and how to serve as proactive Ambassadors for Am Yisrael. We also offer interactive campaigns for our students to engage in dialogue with their peers on campus.

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Building Meaningful Allyships on Campus

As Allied Voices for Israel, we strongly believe that building meaningful relationships with diverse student groups on campus is essential to combating anti-Jewish hatred and other forms of bigotry. This workshop will equip students with the necessary tools to start off their new relationships on the right foot.


From Dialogue to Impact: Standing up for the Jewish People

Learn how to confidently respond to anti-Jewish claims and inspire others to want to learn more about the Jewish People through this interactive workshop. 


Navigating Social Media

Social media has the power to inform – and misinform – an unlimited audience. In this workshop, participants will learn how to create educational content, tailored to their specific audience as well as how to respond to anti-Jewish hatred online.


Are Jews Indigenous
to Israel?

One of the most common claims made against the State of Israel is that it is a European colonial enterprise. In this presentation, participants will learn how the Jewish people meet all of the internationally-accepted criteria for being indigenous to the land of Israel. They will then be able to use this information in order to effectively respond to this false claim of colonization.


BDS: Undermining Coexistence & Dialogue

The BDS movement has far-reaching consequences. In this presentation, students will learn about the origins of the BDS movement and its current impact. This exploration will include examinations of impact as it relates to Israelis, Palestinians, and North Americans.


Combating Anti-Jewish Hatred: A Working Example

The first step to combating anti-Jewish hatred is identification. This presentation explores the historical iterations of anti-Jewish hatred and how they are applied in a modern context. In the presentation the IHRA definition of antisemitism is explained, highlighting its utility in advocacy efforts, thus laying the foundation for discussion and peace initiatives.


Understanding the Nuances of Language 

When engaging in discourse it is important to establish operational definitions so all parties can discuss the topic from an equal playing field. In conversations about the Arab-Israeli conflict there are many implications made with the language you choose to use. This presentation explores some of these implications, equipping students to engage in varied environments.

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