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About Allied Voices for Israel

Uniting students against anti-Jewish hatred.


Allied Voices for Israel (AVI) unites students of all backgrounds against anti-Jewish hatred. AVI offers a multi-faceted approach to Israel advocacy and education by empowering a new and diverse cohort of Israel advocates at high school and university campuses across Canada.


Through allyship programs to Israel, educational workshops, media fellowships, and other advocacy programs, AVI is inspiring a new generation of students to change the narrative around Israel. By embracing our peers, we will establish a movement of students working together to achieve strength in numbers and create a more just society.


AVI offers a variety of flagship programs as well as resources, access to high-profile speakers, and a suite of educational workshops that give students the tools to build meaningful coalitions, an understanding of regional conflicts in the Middle East, how to refute misinformation from anti-Israel students and professors, and serve as vocal and proactive Ambassadors for peace, coexistence, and human rights. We also offer interactive campaigns for our students to meaningfully engage in dialogue with their peers on campus.


AVI strongly believes that coalition-building is essential to combating anti-Jewish hatred and all forms of bigotry on campus. We believe in real allyship – meaning that no student should ever need to renounce an integral part of their identity (such as Jewish students being forced to denounce their support for Israel) to be considered an “ally.” 


To empower and unite students, Jewish and their allies, in a movement that is free from prejudice and hatred.  

Our Mission

AVI aims to educate high school, college, and university students across Canada about Israel as an integral part of the collective Jewish experience and how to build meaningful alliances against hatred on campus.

Our Values

We believe in the importance of finding your Common Ground and building bridges between students. We will introduce students to peace efforts between Israelis and Palestinians and teach them to build a framework on how they can serve as Ambassadors for peace and coexistence on campus.

Our Vision

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