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  • Lior Barron

Antisemitism: Humanity Amongst A Tragedy

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Antisemitism, also known as the world’s oldest prejudice or hatred toward Jews, seems to know no bounds, nor boundary. What historically started as a disagreement over religious principles has turned into a deliberate strategy of exclusion, dehumanization, and attempted annihilation of the Jewish people. Antisemitism’s origins didn't start during the Nazi era and unfortunately, it didn't end with the conclusion of World War II. It has been ongoing and has become increasingly common today.

Yaakov Israel Paley, 6, Asher Menachem Paley, 8, and Alter Shlomo Laderman, 20, were waiting for a bus to take them home in Jerusalem on February 10, 2023, when a Palestinian terrorist intentionally crashed his car into the bus stop. Sadly, all three of them later passed away as a result of the injuries they suffered from the car-ramming attack. This was no accident; out of hatred, someone purposefully got into a vehicle and targeted innocent Jewish lives. While news outlets follow the dictum that “If it bleeds it leads,” where was the media coverage about the murder of these three young Jewish Israelis? While searching for articles on this matter, sources such as CBS News called this tragedy an “incident,” or an “accident,” but the words “terrorist attack” were never once used to describe premeditated violence which serves to target innocents for political purposes.

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