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  • Avi Teich

Anti-Zionism as a Prerequisite for Antisemitism

Updated: May 16

Nowadays, “Zionist” is often used as a derogatory term. Both the white-nationalist Right and the woke Left use it interchangeably with “Jew.” Deliberate or not, the term avoids being characterized as antisemitic. With the unsavory depiction of Zionism on social media, many young North American Jews have become reluctant to identify as Zionists.

From Soviet propaganda to contemporary university campuses, Zionism has been used as a slur. To avoid being labeled antisemitic, perpetrators claim a detachment of Zionists from Jews. Recently, I had a conversation with a fellow student about Judaism that rapidly devolved to them saying, with a smile, “I won’t ask if you’re a Zionist, we don’t need to go there.”

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