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  • Madison Johnson

AVI/HRC Campus Media Fellow op-ed on rising anti-Jewish hatred on campus published in the Algemeiner

“Universities are supposed to be safe spaces that commemorate diversity, individuality, thought, and culture; but the vast amount of antisemitism and attacks on Jews are making college campuses an unsafe space for Jews.”

Mazal Tov to Canadian Campus Media Fellow and Toronto Metropolitan University student Madison Johnson for getting published in the Algemeiner!

In her piece, Madison discusses the destructive impact of misinformation and hate mongering on her campus, and how Pro-Palestinian messaging often manifests itself as anti-Israel propaganda.

“Those who strive to create inclusive societies and safe spaces must take an active role against antisemitic views and actions. Students who support social equality and basic human rights must understand how significant it is to advocate against antisemitism, and to support equality and pride for all people,” writes Madison.

To read the article in its entirety, please click here.

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