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AVI Student's piece on anti-Israel tirades in Ontario High Schools published in the National Post

We are pleased to share that our AVI Common Ground Ambassador and Western University student Pe'er Krut was recently published in the National Post with her piece discussing the dangerous rise of anti-Jewish tirades and demonstrations in Ontario high schools.

“With Jews representing a hugely disproportionate number of hate crime victims across Canada, publicly funded schools have a duty and a responsibility to focus their attention on promoting tolerance and inclusivity. They should not be using their resources to promote misleading accounts of the Israel-Hamas war,” writes Pe'er.

“When society tolerates hateful propaganda under the veneer of education, it is our students who suffer. Platforming such one-sided, hateful and misinformed propaganda and disguising it as education only serves to silence dissent and opposition, thereby exacerbating antisemitism. As the Israel-Hamas war continues halfway around the world, Canadian educators should take care to protect their students here at home.”

To read Pe'er's article in its entirety, please click here.

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