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Canadian Campus Coalition's Response to Disturbing Imagery at University of Waterloo Rally

WATERLOO, ON (March 4, 2024) - Hillel Waterloo & Laurier, StandWithUs Canada, and Allied Voices for Israel are incredibly disturbed that during a protest on the University of Waterloo’s campus yesterday, horrific stickers showcasing one of the most perfidious forms of contemporary antisemitism - Holocaust inversion, the portrayal of Israelis and Jews as Nazis, were distributed.

These images weaponize Jewish historical suffering and trauma against them and trivialize the murder of six million Jews in Nazi Europe.

It is unacceptable to compare Israel and its actions to Nazi Germany. This grotesque inversion of truth goes far beyond legitimate criticism of Israel by distorting the reality of the Holocaust and actively engaging in Jew-baiting.

We ask that the University (1) publicly condemns this protest and the protester’s use of Holocaust inversion; (2) ensure that these types of protests do not happen again; and (3) protect Jewish students by providing immediate care for them in the aftermath of these hateful events and helping create a safe environment for them on campus.

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