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  • Goldie Benarroch

Dee Family: Reporting Honestly to Achieve Peace

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Imagine peacefully driving to Tiberias for a holiday with your family when suddenly your car is driven off the road as gunmen shoot at you and your family, killing your mom and two sisters. This happened to the Dee family, a British-Israeli family who immigrated to the Israeli town of Efrat from the United Kingdom nine years ago.

Following the murders of Lucy, Maia, and Rena, in a terror attack in the Jordan Valley, a family of seven became a family of four in a matter of days, raising the Israeli death toll from Palestinian terrorism to 17 in 2023 alone. Make no mistake, members of the Dee family were not murdered in a shootout or accident; this what a deliberate act of terrorism on an innocent family looking to go on a family trip.

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