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  • Samara Wolk

Navigating Antisemitic Rhetoric at Queen's University

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

By Samara Wolk

Published: May 4, 2023

As a member of the Jewish community, I have discovered the importance of becoming more knowledgeable about my culture. Over the past few years, I have found myself learning more about antisemitism in regards to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. When touching on this subject, it is crucial to understand the sensitivity around the issue and the importance of representing this conflict in a fair, honourable and unbiased way.

As a third-year Queen's University student, I find myself incredibly saddened and frightened by a biased, antisemitic statement posted by the Gender Studies Department labeled Solidarity with Palestinian Feminist Collective. I strongly believe we all have the right to express our opinions. However, especially when discussing such a sensitive conflict that holds millennia of history, I feel this post to be incredibly disrespectful. This statement provides a one-sided rhetorical viewpoint, including highly destructive terminology that enacts false statements to push extremely antisemitic claims.

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