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  • Yotam Gubbay

The 'Washing Libels' anti-Zionists Obsessively Use Against Israel

Updated: May 16

Pinkwashing, greenwashing, redwashing and brownwashing are just some of the terms that have been coined to prop up what I like to call the washing libel. It’s a cohesive system through which anything and everything that portrays Israel in a positive light are painted either as a cynical attempt to obfuscate the inherent evil of Israeli Jewish society or worse.

The enemy that proponents of this family of libels work to fight against is the idea that the state of Israel is normal, and this campaign of denormalization can’t be carried out without double standards used to demonize and delegitimize Israel and the people living within it.

Israel is hardly alone on the world stage in using LGBTQ+ rights as part of the image of itself it wants to broadcast. Canada itself falls under this category. But no one attacks Canada’s public relations campaigns as part of a plot to cover up its history of residential schools, for example, nor should they.

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