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Two AVI student leaders are making the news!

Updated: Apr 19

Click on the graphic above to read Adi's powerful piece in Ynet News

We are incredibly proud of AVI/HRC Campus Media Fellows Madison Rosenberg and Adi Moran, both students at Toronto Metropolitan University, whose editorials were published online this week!

In her thought-provoking piece, Adi describes her perspective on the recent evidence exposing UNRWA's terrorist ties.⁠

With UNRWA continuing to operate, not only are we strengthening the political structures that are maintaining the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but we also risk additional funding being mismanaged and diverted for terrorist purposes, writes Adi.⁠

In this unpredictable and volatile period, the allegations surrounding UNRWA have far-reaching ramifications. It's crucial to bring these challenges into the open and start exploring real solutions that can truly uplift Palestinians. It's time to do away with UNRWA and start focusing on new organizations centred on building a future of coexistence and peace within the region.

Click on the graphic above to read Madison's piece in the Jerusalem Post

In her piece, Madison comments on the recent publication of the Palestinian Solidarity Working Group’s “Toolkit on Teaching Palestine,” and the dangers a misinformation campaign such as this poses to Jewish students and their allies on campus.

“While the intention of this toolkit may have been to educate students on the struggles the Palestinian community faces on campus and beyond, it has ultimately also become harmful to the Jewish community,” Madison writes.

Click image above to read our full statement on the call to establish safer zones around religious sites

Recently, synagogues and schools have been the targets of so-called “protests,” prompting a few Canadian politicians to call for safe zones around houses of worship and other religious institutions. ⁠

Mayor Steven Del Duca in Vaughan and Councillor Brad Bradford are both campaigning to make a change.⁠ Bradford wrote an important piece in the Toronto Star: “Time to protect Toronto's religious and cultural spaces against hate,”⁠ while Del Duca has proposed introducing a bylaw that would prohibit protests outside of places of worship, schools, child-care facilities and hospitals. 

As an organization that supports protecting freedoms and human rights for all Canadians, Allied Voices for Israel (AVI) staunchly supports Del Duca and Bradford's efforts. We echo their call to establish safe zones outside religious institutions, schools, and places of worship. 

Click the above graphic to read more of Noa's story

Last week, AVI High School and Campus Advisor Noa Peretz Benchaya was featured as “That White and Blue Jew” by The White and Blue News in Montreal! 

Noa accredited an experience she had visiting the Majdanek Concentration Camp in 2016 for the March of the Living as to why she wanted to get involved as an Israel advocate – first as a student, and then as a Jewish community professional with AVI.

“This experience touched me so much that it catapulted me in the direction of advocacy and Israel education. It has since become my passion and I am grateful to be pursuing a career that is dedicated to helping students combat antisemitism and anti-Israel hatred in school,” Noa writes.

Click the graphic above to register!

We are proud to partner with Canadian Women Against Antisemitism on the Rally to Stand With Students alongside our partners Hillel Ontario and StandWithUs Canada.

On May 5th, 2024, come out and stand united against anti-Jewish hatred. The rally is open to students and community members alike and will feature several guest speakers, including students from various campuses. The location will be sent upon registration.

Educator and Activist Loay Alshareef is this week's #allyspotlight

This week, we are proud to feature educator, activist, and entrepreneur Loay Alshareef as our #allyspotlight.

At the age of 28, when Loay Alshareef, then a French-language student from Saudi Arabia, stumbled into his homestay in Paris to discover he was surrounded by Stars of David — his instinct was to turn on his heels and find another family to stay with. “I didn’t feel comfortable at the beginning.” 

That accidental and intimate almost year-long encounter with a Jewish family proved to be a turning point for Alshareef, an observant Muslim, whose father is from Egypt and who also has family from Bahrain. 

Today, he is a prominent face among movers and shakers in the region who have embraced the Abraham Accords and are working to strengthen people-to-people ties between those countries and beyond. He’s caught the attention of Israeli, U.S. and Gulf leaders, and frequently meets with prominent figures visiting the UAE, where he has lived since 2020.

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