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  • Daniel Koren

Universities must immediately dismantle illegal encampments on campus

Please join us in demanding that universities enforce regulations and reprimand the students involved

Allied Voices for Israel (AVI) is calling on universities across the country to enforce their regulations regarding illegal encampments on campus and reprimand the students involved – immediately. 

Over the past few days, anti-Israel encampments or sit-ins have been set up at McGill University, the University of Alberta, the University of Ottawa, the University of British Columbia (UBC), and most recently, Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU)

McGill was the first university to see an encampment established over the weekend. On Tuesday, McGill administrators announced it was escalating the situation by seeking the assistance of Montreal Police to dismantle the encampment. 

In an email to McGill students and staff, President and Vice-Chancellor Deep Saini wrote, “Efforts to resolve the issue through dialogue with student representatives have been unsuccessful, culminating in the emergence of disturbing antisemitic rhetoric and behaviors among participants, following the arrival of an increasing number of individuals from outside the McGill community.”

McGill has set an important precedent by involving police and condemning the anti-Jewish hatred promulgated by representatives of the encampment, making it clear such behaviour will not be tolerated.

It is imperative that UBC, TMU, and other schools follow suit to maintain order and ensure the security and safety of all students on campus.

Given especially the hateful and disturbing signage we’ve seen at encampments at UBC and McGill, administrators have a responsibility to identify the students involved and ensure they are reprimanded for grossly violating campus rules and the Student Code of Conduct.

“These encampments are not simply an attack against Jewish students but an attack against the values and ethics we hold dear as Canadians,” said Daniel Koren, Founder and Executive Director of AVI. “Statements and press releases will not suffice this time – Canadians need clear and decisive action from university leaders. We need to know the actions of these students will be met with consequences and that these illegal encampments will be dismantled – immediately.” 

In the United States at campuses such as Columbia and NYU over the past few days, anti-Israel protestors have chanted “Yahoodim, yahoodi, f*** you,” “Go back to Poland,” and other Naziesque slogans while waving flags  supporting Hezbollah and Hamas or brandishing signs that encourage the “Final Solution” against Israel.

AVI has urged university leadership across Canada to ensure campuses remain safe spaces for students and faculty and that anti-Jewish hatred will not be tolerated.

We call on the presidents of McGill, TMU, University of Alberta, UBC, and the University of Ottawa to dismantle any encampments and take action against the students involved – now.

Please join the chorus of voices demanding that universities hold students accountable by emailing:

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