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  • David Barron

Wilfred Laurier Student TikTok Video

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

From early childhood, my parents ensured I attended Jewish private day schools. Growing up in a predominantly Jewish bubble, the reality of antisemitism had been relatively unknown. This environment insulated me from real-life experiences of adversity in the form of antisemitism. Through my education, I became equipped with coping skills to combat antisemitism. My first eye-opening exposure to antisemitism occurred in my first year at Laurier.

Although accounting for Covid, my entire first year of learning was exclusively online, I did not expect to see blatant signs of antisemitism, which appeared on my TikTok For You Page (FYP). In May 2021, two female Wilfrid Laurier students posted a TikTok video dancing to pop music. In this video, one student held a knife and pretended to stab the other, while the other student carried toilet paper with a Star of David drawn on it. Both these students were holding an Israeli flag on a piece of paper, which they lit on fire. They showcased graphics of the Israeli flag next to bombs as they pretended to vomit in a trash bag. Their video publicly encouraged others to inflict violence on Jewish people. This form of online prejudice has spread hate speech to students at Laurier.

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