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Anti-Israel motion passed by House of Commons will lead to more antisemitism on campus

OTTAWA, ON (March 20, 2024) - On Monday, the House of Commons voted to pass a motion on the Israel-Hamas war that poses a threat to Jewish students and their allies on campus.

Brought forward by Jagmeet Singh’s NDP and amended by Prime Minister Trudeau’s Liberal government, some provisions in this bill bolster radical anti-Israel extremism on campus and beyond, and undermine the security of the people of Israel - a democratic ally.

While this motion doesn’t change Canada’s formal foreign policy, elements of the text are disturbing and unacceptable.

Provisions such as a call for an arms embargo on Israel when Israelis are fighting a defensive war started by a terrorist group, and reaffirming Canada’s funding of UNRWA despite evidence that UNRWA staff participated in the October 7th atrocities, legitimizes Hamas and radical anti-Jewish hatred.

This bill emboldens students to further target and discriminate against Jewish students and their allies, as we’ve seen time and time again - especially since October 7th. It is essentially a declaration that it is open season on Jewish students on campus.

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