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  • Adi Moran

AVI/HRC Campus Media Fellow op-ed on the University of Toronto Encampments published in the Toronto Sun

On June 25th, 2024, Toronto Metropolitan student Adi Moran got published in the Toronto Sun.

In her Toronto Sun piece, “OPINION: Palestinian university encampments a threat to humanity's values,” Adi criticizes the University of Toronto's faculty and administration for stoking the flames of its ongoing antisemitic and anti-peace encampments.

“Despite its professed solidarity with the Palestinian cause, the encampment's ideologies seem to reject fundamental principles of freedom, democracy, and human rights,” writes Adi.

“Since the encampments began, there has been an increase in hate crime calls to the police, which has risen since the demonstrations started. Incidents of anti-Semitism indicate a growing atmosphere of fear and hostility among the Jewish community. The escalation of protests into violent actions can lead to long-term consequences within the university atmosphere and tarnish its reputation.”

To read Adi's piece in its entirety, please click here.

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