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AVI, Jewish Music Week & Tribe Attack Present: A Tribute to Nova Festival in Toronto

Click on the image above to buy tickets to our Nova Festival tribute in Toronto

The October Nova Festival in Israel was a dancing celebration of music, love, friendship, and peace. Since its tragic end, people around the world have been saying, “We will dance again!” And now we will.

Jewish Music Week, in partnership with Allied Voices for Israel (AVI) and Tribe Attack, is continuing the Nova Festival with the ultimate party night of Trance music. Although not yet widely heard in Canada, Trance is a genre of electronic dance music that quickly spread in the 1990s from Europe into Israel, where it developed an enormous following thanks to DJs such as Yahel and Infected Mushroom.

Motzei Shabbat on June 1st, we will bring Israeli Trance DJs with the sounds, lights, and Trance vibe for a night of techno dance energy! Our hearts are with those, and the memory of those, who were at Israel’s Nova Festival, and in their memory we will dance and celebrate life!

To purchase tickets, please click here. Address will be provided upon registration.

AVI/HRC Campus Media Fellow publishes op-ed in York University student media outlet Excalibur

We are proud of our AVI/HRC Campus Media Fellow Leenoy Daskalo, whose op-ed, “Degrees of Hatred: Confronting Antisemitism in Education,” was published in Excalibur, a York University student media outlet, last week! Leenoy is a student at York.

“Academic institutions are increasingly gripped by a political activism intent on muzzling the multiplicity of voices essential for the pursuit of truth,” Leenoy writes. “Rather than promoting open discourse, the current tactic is to polarize events — and people — leading to the demonization of one side over another. Those remaining on the socially deemed 'unpopular' side are ridiculed and made to feel unwelcome.”

Leenoy also argues that it is “outrageous that Israel is condemned for every ill — both real and imagined — but no criticism is leveled at Palestinians.”

University of Toronto student and AVI Ambassador Justin Chow speaks at a student-led press conference calling on U of T to dismantle the encampment

On Thursday, our AVI Ambassador Justin Chow, a student at the University of Toronto, participated in a student-led press conference calling on his school to dismantle the anti-Jewish and anti-Canadian encampment on campus – immediately.

My parents are flying all the way from Hong Kong to see the place they've been studying – what am I supposed to tell them about this university?.... It's become, what a terrorist camp, a communist gathering, what am I supposed to tell them? 

Justin added that U of T “must be a safe place for learning and research and not for discrimination and terrorism.

Thank you, Justin, for continuing to stand up as a proud ally for Am Yisrael – our community is behind you!

AVI/HRC Campus Media Fellow publishes op-ed in Algemeiner

Our AVI/HRC Campus Media Fellow Madison Johnson, a student at Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU), published a very succinct explanation of how anti-Jewish hatred “hides behind a mask of anti-Zionism” in The Algemeiner this week. 

By taking a stand, students have the opportunity to show their support for the Jewish community and their devotion to combating prejudice in all its forms,” Madison writes.

For those truly committed to social justice, the responsibility lies in fostering an environment where truth, dialogue, and mutual respect prevail over misinformation, shutting down ideas, and bigotry. This is what leads to a truly inclusive academic community. Only collective effort and vigilance can help Toronto Metropolitan University become a model of unity and acceptance for all.

Madison also writes about how many “pro-Palestinian” students “refuse to acknowledge the humanity of Israelis at all.” Well done for calling out the anti-Jewish hatred at TMU, Madison!

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We are proud to co-host a Summer Kickoff Lag BaOmer BBQ tomorrow in partnership with Jewnity Sports, Yavneh Canada, Masa, and the Jewish Learning Initiative on Campus.

Join us in Thornhill, Ontario, for a fun gathering for students and young professionals! 

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