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Concordia & Carleton cancel anti-Israel speaker

MONTREAL (Feb. 11, 2024) – Concordia University and Carleton University have both cancelled speaking engagements with British commentator Sami Hamdi, who made comments celebrating the heinous Hamas attacks of Oct. 7, 2023. Allied Voices for Israel (AVI) thanks both universities for taking a principled stand and ensuring hatred is not taught on campus.

With Hamdi scheduled to speak at the University of Toronto, Mississauga (UTM) on Sunday, we urge U of T administration to follow the important precedent set by Carleton and Concordia and ensure Hamdi is not given a platform to promote his hateful views on campus, especially given the dramatic rise in antisemitism we’ve seen lately.

Ten days after the Oct. 7 attacks, Hamdi told an audience to “celebrate the victory” of the Hamas massacre. “How many of you felt it in your hearts when you got the news that it happened? How many of you felt the euphoria?” he asked. Hamdi also claimed accounts of Hamas rape against innocent civilians were “lies.”

Please join us in urging U of T to cancel Hamdi’s talk and follow Concordia and Carleton’s lead by emailing UTM Dean and Vice-Principal, Academic Nicholas Rule by clicking here.

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