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Designed to educate and empower students to combat anti-Jewish hatred on campus.

Allied Voices for Israel (AVI) unites students of all backgrounds against anti-Jewish hatred. AVI offers a multi-faceted approach to Israel advocacy and education by empowering a new and diverse cohort of Israel advocates at high school and university campuses across Canada.


Through allyship programs to Israel, educational workshops, media fellowships, and other intensive programs, AVI is inspiring a new generation of students to change the narrative around Israel. By embracing our peers, we are establishing a movement of students who work together to achieve strength in numbers and create a more just society.



OUR              PILLARS


Because change starts together.


Inspiring the next generation of students to change the narrative about Israel on campus by providing them with critical facts.


Supporting the right of the Jewish People to self-determination in their Indigenous homeland.


Working towards coexistence, support for human rights, and peace.


Giving students the confidence to take action against anti-Jewish hatred and all forms of prejudice.

Become an AVI High School Ambassador

Our informative educational program offers Canadian high school students the resources, skills, and guidance necessary so they are equipped and confident to advocate for Israel. Students learn about Jewish indigeneity to Israel, how to identify and combat anti-Jewish hatred, and how to build bridges and meaningful coalitions with their peers.

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Become a Common Ground Ambassdor
For College/University Students

AVI's flagship program for college and university students builds bridges between Jewish students and their allies to eradicate anti-Jewish hatred on campuses across Canada. Ambassadors begin their Common Ground journey on a 10-day program in Israel where they will be introduced to Israel's robust diversity and hear from Israelis, Palestinians, and many others who are fighting for peace and coexistence.​

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Become a Campus Media Fellow
For College/University Students

In partnership with HonestReporting Canada, our innovative and exclusive program teaches students how to change the narrative about Israel by publishing pieces in student, international, Jewish, and national media. Students learn practical writing and editing skills, take part in workshops with expert speakers, and gain the ability to put pen to paper and ensure their voices are heard.

AVI in the Media

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Israel Advocacy Workshops & Educational Programs

AVI offers a myriad of Israel advocacy and allyship workshops and educational programs to high school, college, and university students across Canada. Through collaborative efforts with partner organizations such as synagogues, youth groups, public and private schools, advocacy and human rights groups, and more, AVI inspires and empowers students – Jewish and their allies – to get involved in the fight against anti-Jewish hatred.


Are you a teacher or administrator?
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AVI Events

For more information about our community events and fundraisers, contact
Allied Voices for Israel’s Lea J. Bloom, Director of Operations & Development at

Hear from our AVI
Student Ambassadors

“I would describe the program as an incredibly well-structured learning opportunity for people to become better activists and learn about their people. I am so grateful to have been an intern and a mentor here, and I loved every minute!”

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Leah Freedhoff

Sir Robert Borden High School in Nepean

AVI High School Ambassador

AVI High School Ambassador photo of AVI ambassadors at the UJA Walk with Israel

AVI will provide a space for students of all backgrounds to be proud of their Zionism. Whether you are a high school student looking to learn more about Israel, a university student eager to build meaningful relationships, or a teacher aiming to give students a clearer understanding of why anti-Israel hatred leads to the targeting of Jewish students, there are many ways for you to get involved!

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